Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Almost Summer!!

Well, here we are two days of school left and then our summer can begin. May has been very busy with birthdays. Grandma Dawson's birthday was May 26 and she turned the big 80. Amber's birthday was May 27 and she is the Big 10. Grandpa Dawson's birthday was May 29 and he was the big 84. We have been celebrating Amber's bday for a week. She had a party on the 19th at GetAir Trampoline Park and then her actual bday on the 27th. She has been so excited to turn 10.
 Amber at her party at the GetAir Sportsplex.

 Erin, Savannah and Andy at GetAir.

 Of course Andy couldn't miss out on the fun!

 The crazy group of friends she invited.

 This is her cute trampoline cake that I made ;o)

 Blowing out the candles

She has wanted on of these "Every day I Keep on Shufflin" t-shirts.

Erin graduated from DARE and was selected as having the best essay from her class. She was able to read it at the graduation. We are so proud of her. Her writing really amazes us and she loves school. She really doesn't want school to end because she loves it so much. I suppose we could put her in a summer program.

 Erin with the other three winners from their classes.

 She received a special award for the essay. The officer placing the award was the instructor.

 Here is her class, Ms. Goble's

 Andy and I with her.

Grandma and Grandpa Ritchie.
Her 2nd cake, a big cupcake. We did this one at Grandma R. 's house.

 Max and Betty at their birthday dinner.

 We had this cake made for Betty's 80th with a picture on . She is the one she is pointing to.

 Here they are trying to blow out their candles. Max has a candle in a small pie.

 We gave them a new TV for their kitchen counter.

 Terry, Andy's sister, giving Betty her gifts and card.

 Max reading his card from Terry.

 The inside of the card. It was about using a map if you get lost. funny uh!

 My cutie husband at the dinner.

Andy helping his Dad with the headphones for his new CD player from Terry. Pretty entertaining to watch the senior folk try to figure things out.

Andy is still working so hard on his masters degree. He is so dedicated and he never complains. He is busy with all the boards he is on and running the Radiology Dept. at Davis. He is such a good Daddy and husband and we love him so much.

I will be finishing up my 1st year as a teacher's assistant at Sand Springs Elementary and I am going to miss my 4th graders and teachers so much. I'm really hoping to get hired on again next year and be Jen and Shannon's aide. It is amazing how much I've loved this job. Amber hasn't been too sure she likes me in 4th grade, because I know what they are learning and I have been able to keep up on her work. Whew, my girls will be in 5th and 6th grades next Fall. I really do enjoy watching them grow into beautiful young ladies.
I get to look forward to another hip surgery on June 6th. Hopefully all will go well and I will be able to enjoy most of my summer. Stay tuned for exciting updates on that one.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy, Happy Spring

With March almost over I look forward to April and spring time. March was a very exciting month for us. Erin turned 11 years old on the 20th. She is turning into such a beautiful and sweet young lady. She had a Rock Star/Movie Star themed birthday party. She loves music, she loves to listen to it and to play it. We redid her room as her birthday present from us. I thought "oh we can knock this out in four days" and Andy said it would take at least two weeks. He was so right!!! I was so ready to get her back into that room by the end of week of two. She loves it and it is now a tween/teen room. I told her she would have to live with the new colors until she left home, because I was NOT going to do this again. It did turn out so cute.
 This is the guitar cake that I made. I ROCK!!!

 Erin with her cake, pretty stinkin cute!

 My beauty opening her gifts.

 She was so excited to see The Hunger Games.

 Clothes from Grandma R.

 Blowing out her candles, Happy Birthday Erin!!

Here it is her ROOM! Grandma D. paid for the paint.

 I love how the music decal turned out.

 We mounted her shelf high so she could watch TV in bed.

 Her shelf for her trophies. We are going to put another one above it or to the left of it on the other wall, haven't decided yet.

I found this music hook wall hanging and thought it was perfect for her bags.

The girls finished up the basketball season in March too. Both of their teams were UNDEFEATED!!! We were so lucky to have them on such great teams.  I love to watch them play and see their skills improve with each game. They decided not to play soccer this year and that didn't break my heart, but I wish they would have played baseball. Amber is still in tumbling and hopefully if I get my hiney in gear, Erin and I will take Zumba. She loves to dance but hates doing the splits and other things that she has to do in a formal dance class. They still take piano lessons and Erin continues to love it, Amber on the other hand not so much. Both girls are doing so well in school, we could not be more proud of them. The school year is almost over and I am sad. I will have a 6th grader next year, oh no!!!
 Amber, I dig her black and pink shoes.

 She is good little guard.

 Erin always getting that rebound.

Erin playing defense.

Erin participated in her SEM class and did a report on women who have influenced history.                                  
 She choose Sacagewaea.

Our very own Indian Princess.

Well, it is that time of year, time to get Patrick out and go zoom zoom all over town. I've actually missed going for rides on him. I have to get him licensed and then we are set. Andy and I have been out a couple of times on the motorcycle and so want to go out more. We have been losing weight and so we fit much better now on the seat. We have both lost 15lbs, but have a long way to go to hit our goals. I will post pics when the weight loss actually shows. When your really heavy it takes a big weight loss to start showing. I just keep telling myself that we can do it. We are going to Weight Watchers and I love it. The kids aren't too sure about eating so many veggies, but it is good for them and I make them. We are trying to form good eating habits. Stay tuned for progress report.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Month For Love!

Here we go again, life moving one without a post. Our January was nothing to write home about. We had so much sickness that I got in trouble at work for missing so many days. Erin has had a problem for quite some time with getting light headed and feeling weak. We finally went to Primary Children's Hospital and saw a pediatric cardiologist and was diagnosed with orthostatichypotension. She has to get at least 2 liters of water in her everyday. She has been getting at least 1 liter in and has felt a 100% better. She also had a terrible cold to deal with for two weeks and then Andy had the same awful cold. I was glad to say good-bye to January.
Andy and I started going to Weight Watchers the end of January and have been able to see a weight loss every week. I'm really working hard at keeping us on track. We really have to succeed with this weight loss for so many reasons. We have to get our weight first and formost for our health and then we want to beable to sit on the motorcycle with more room and comfort. We are also looking forward to going to Lagoon and being able to fit in the rides again. We both feel soooo much better since we have been eating better. It really is amazing at how bad I feel when I'm eating crap. My body has loved have fruits and veggies in it. It has so helped with my mood staying up too.
We have been planning Erin's 11th birthday party. Her birthday is in March and she is so excited to have a Rock Star theme party. She is doing so well in school, as usual. She participates in a program for gifted students, SEM. She is getting ready to do her project presentation on a woman in history that has made an effect on everyone. She choose Sakajuwea (sp). She will be so perfect for the part. She has to dress in costume and give a little presentation on her person.
Amber has been doing so well school too. She is such a vibrant spirit in her class. She is everyone's friend and is learning along the way. She is still taking tumbling classes and loves it. Both of the girls are still taking piano lessons and it is so fun to hear their progress.
We look forward to having a fun Valentine's Day and seeing things improve.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry Christmas

We had a great Christmas. Of course the girls were spoiled. We spent way too much money this year, but it sure is fun to watch their faces when they get what they ask for. Andy and I even gave each other gifts this year. We haven't done that for a few years. It seems that things break down just before the holidays so we consider getting them fixed our gifts to each other.
Erin got a new compound bow, Wii games, clothes, camera and Legos. Amber got a new laptop, four monster high dolls, clothes, Lalaloopsy dolls. Andy got a Kindle Fire from me and clothes. I got a surprise from Andy he bought me a personal hand gun. I will be taking my lessons and possibly getting my conceled weapons permit. It's such a big responsiblity to own my own gun. I'm excited to take the lessons and become a better shooter.
Andy and I finally got our elk ivory rings made. They turned out so beautiful. I couldn't be any happier with them. We really need to get a picture taken of them. I didn 't take any pics at Christmas either, where the heck was my head???

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Almost Christmas

I can't believe it is almost Christmas. I have been working so hard and the time has just slipped away from me. I celebrated my birthday on Dec. 8th by going with my mom down to see "Good Things Utah" being broaddcast. It was so much fun!

 This is Paul La Marr the musical guest. He is from Australia and came to Utah to pursue a singing career.

 Me and my Mom with the girls. Gretchen, my Mom, me, Nicea and Brianne.

I just wish I looked as good in my photos as all the ladies do. Hopefully this next year will be my year to loose this nasty weight. Andy and I have been discussing how we should go about it. Yes, I know the best way is to eat right and get that stinkin exercise in. I actually don't mind exercising, it's the getting me started that I can't seem to do.

We have a real tree this instead of our usual fake one. We wanted the girls to experience shopping for a tree and smelling it in the house. I pretty sure Andy and I had more fun then they did. They thought it was too cold. I let them and Andy do the whole tree by themselves.

I have to include here the letter that Amber wrote to Santa in her computer class at school.
Dear Santa Claus,
My name is Amber.  I am a girl and I am already 9 years old!!  I live in the great city of West Point.  Of course, that's in Utah, United States but I'll bet you knew that!  This year I've been so good that, well, ok, maybe my halo has been to the repair shop a few times this year.

Santa Claus, some things I might like for Christmas this year are:
-Beanie boos; and
-Abbie Bomnable Monster High Doll.

Santa Claus, I almost forgot to say... Santa I want to know if I'm on the naughty or nice list.  What is your favorite kind of cookie, how is miss Claus I think the north pole sounds nice and fun.  Ttyl on Christmas!

Love, Amber

I just love that kid, she has such a personality. Really I could never make up a letter like that one. I wrote it exactly the way she did.

School is almost out and I am looking forward to things calming down for a few weeks and then on bigger and better things.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat!!

Our Halloween was really fun. We were able to go to the Pumpkin Walk on Friday.  Every year it gets bigger and bigger.The talent of carving the pumpkins amazes me.

Top Row: Me, Andy, Michelle Ritchie, Jeff Ritchie
Bottom Row: Amber Dawson, Savannah Ritchie, Erin Dawson, Brian Ritchie

 Brian Nixon our friend and neighbor as Jedi with the kids. His family started the Pumpkin Walk back in the late 1960's. Brian, my nephew, was not too sure about having his picture taken with the Star Wars characters.

We went to our ward's Trunk or Treat with Jeff & Michelle and they won an award for the best theme in family costumes.

 Amber and our neighbor Jared were able to carve pumpkins in our backyard on Halloween Day.

Erin was Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson. She loves to read the Percy Jackson books and loved dressing up like Annabeth.  Amber was Laguna from the Monster High dolls. She has all the Monster High dolls and thought it would be so fun to dress like one of them. This was the first year that we let them go trick-or-treating without us. I think they thought they were so grown up. They got a fair amount of candy and of course they got some of our favs, which Andy and I ate. Yum, Yum!!!

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