Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Almost Summer!!

Well, here we are two days of school left and then our summer can begin. May has been very busy with birthdays. Grandma Dawson's birthday was May 26 and she turned the big 80. Amber's birthday was May 27 and she is the Big 10. Grandpa Dawson's birthday was May 29 and he was the big 84. We have been celebrating Amber's bday for a week. She had a party on the 19th at GetAir Trampoline Park and then her actual bday on the 27th. She has been so excited to turn 10.
 Amber at her party at the GetAir Sportsplex.

 Erin, Savannah and Andy at GetAir.

 Of course Andy couldn't miss out on the fun!

 The crazy group of friends she invited.

 This is her cute trampoline cake that I made ;o)

 Blowing out the candles

She has wanted on of these "Every day I Keep on Shufflin" t-shirts.

Erin graduated from DARE and was selected as having the best essay from her class. She was able to read it at the graduation. We are so proud of her. Her writing really amazes us and she loves school. She really doesn't want school to end because she loves it so much. I suppose we could put her in a summer program.

 Erin with the other three winners from their classes.

 She received a special award for the essay. The officer placing the award was the instructor.

 Here is her class, Ms. Goble's

 Andy and I with her.

Grandma and Grandpa Ritchie.
Her 2nd cake, a big cupcake. We did this one at Grandma R. 's house.

 Max and Betty at their birthday dinner.

 We had this cake made for Betty's 80th with a picture on . She is the one she is pointing to.

 Here they are trying to blow out their candles. Max has a candle in a small pie.

 We gave them a new TV for their kitchen counter.

 Terry, Andy's sister, giving Betty her gifts and card.

 Max reading his card from Terry.

 The inside of the card. It was about using a map if you get lost. funny uh!

 My cutie husband at the dinner.

Andy helping his Dad with the headphones for his new CD player from Terry. Pretty entertaining to watch the senior folk try to figure things out.

Andy is still working so hard on his masters degree. He is so dedicated and he never complains. He is busy with all the boards he is on and running the Radiology Dept. at Davis. He is such a good Daddy and husband and we love him so much.

I will be finishing up my 1st year as a teacher's assistant at Sand Springs Elementary and I am going to miss my 4th graders and teachers so much. I'm really hoping to get hired on again next year and be Jen and Shannon's aide. It is amazing how much I've loved this job. Amber hasn't been too sure she likes me in 4th grade, because I know what they are learning and I have been able to keep up on her work. Whew, my girls will be in 5th and 6th grades next Fall. I really do enjoy watching them grow into beautiful young ladies.
I get to look forward to another hip surgery on June 6th. Hopefully all will go well and I will be able to enjoy most of my summer. Stay tuned for exciting updates on that one.

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